Music Samples

 Below are a number of recordings displaying different playing styles and music genera to give you a flavour of the adaptability of the humble mountain dulcimer.

Gaudete played on a McSpadden dulcimer in noter drone style from a minor tuning.

A jazz improvisation on a McSpadden dulcimer in 1-3-5 tuning and chord melody style.

Elzic's Farewell on a Heritage dulcimer in noter drone style with guitar backing.

An improvisation based on 'Clocks' in chord melody style on a McSpadden dulcimer.

 The Kesh Jig played in noter drone style on a Heritage dulcimer with bodhran.

An improvisation on a McSpadden 6 string baritone dulcimer in chord melody style.

Banna Strand - An Irish classic in noter drone style.

A Meeting of Souls - an Indian classical inspired improvisation in noter drone style.