Because of the present pandemic I'm having to close Bird Rock Dulcimers for 2020 as all the festivals I usually attend have been cancelled and getting stock has proved difficult.  
I though that I may be able to start up again sometime in 2021 but, as this is looking unlikely, I have decided to retire and shut Bird Rock Dulcimers permanently.

I have left up a couple of pages on mountain dulcimer FAQs, building your own box dulcimer and some music.

Thanks to you all for your support over the years, and enjoy your dulcimer playing.


For further information call Robin on +44 (0)1654 712671

Or email us at

Playing mountain dulcimer on a trip to Sandwood Bay, Sutherland, Scotland

 Personally, I love playing the mountain dulcimer in its traditional style with a wooden 'noter' and a goose quill strummer.  Only one string is 'noted' while the others act as drones.  The clip above was played in this style on my Heritage model with a bodhran accompaniment.